Content Management System

Content Management System

When it comes to web design you will come across the term Content Management System a lot, the best way to describe a Content Management System or commonly known as CMS is an invaluable tool when it comes to you maintaining your website.

There is a multitude to choose from, below is a list of a few

  • WordPress.
  • Drupal.
  • Joomla!
  • ExpressionEngine.
  • TextPattern.
  • Radiant CMS.
  • Cushy CMS.
  • SilverStripe.

We currently use WordPress as our preferred CMS, this website has been built on WordPress. A content management system will allow you to update your website details. By using a CMS, you can update your website without having to know HTML or any programming knowledge. Once you have logged into your website you can add new text and upload images to your website.

When it comes to a small business website you can’t beat using a CMS, fewer maintenance costs and saves you time; as your business grows, your time will become invaluable.